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Uriah the Hittite Speaks: I Understood the Assignment 2 Samuel 11:2-17

As I have continued my studies of what it means to be a Warrior for Warrior of Women, I have been stuck on Uriah. And not just any Uriah, but Uriah the Hittite. I know we talked about him last week, and he advised us that the mission always comes first, and Butterflies, that has not changed. And just in case, allow me to remind you and myself, that the mission issued by your King will ALWAYS come first.

After sitting with Crystal, and talking more about the story, I left with more questions than answers. And if you know me, like know me, I like a direct source. And just like that…..Uriah the Hittite spoke up, and this is what he said, I hear your mind. I hear your heart. And our King has allowed me to see your tears for me. Mea, you think my life was cut short because of King David’s message. I am here to tell you and every Warrior with you, that once you accept that the King’s mission always comes first, there are many lessons that you will learn. However, there is no more critical a lesson to learn than this one: The right Mission will always cost you something. Hear me, and hear me clearly. The right mission, will always cost you something. If there is a right mission, then there must me a wrong mission, so let me help you and the others with you.

The wrong mission will cause you to get comfortable. The wrong mission will cause you to relax. The wrong mission will cause you to say yes, when you should say no. The wrong mission will feed your flesh. The wrong mission will have you to stay longer than you intended to stay. The wrong mission will cause you to extend invitations to those who should have never entered your hemisphere. You have to watch out for various missions that come to distract you. The wrong mission with have you playing checkers, when you should have been playing chess. But when you are given the right mission by the King, things change.

The right mission makes you uncomfortable, but yet unwavering because the mission comes from the King. The right mission causes you to say no, when you want to say yes. The right mission causes you to stay when you really want to go. The right mission will give you strategy. The right mission will have you leap when you want to stay on the cliff. The right mission causes you to focus on the larger picture: The Mission. The right mission will cause pieces of you to die to self, but live for the King. You have to have the right mission. And though I served King David….there is another KING! And this KING was the King of The Ark! He is KING of all KINGS! Even KING David answered to him! And this KING is tried and true, and faithful through and through. Get on his mission today.

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