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The Unlikely Warrior - Part 2

Sarah, Genesis 18:12, 12 So Sarah laughed to herself as she thought, “After I am worn out and my lord is old, will I now have this pleasure?”

The Pleasure is All Mine

I tried to write this as best I could, alas I could not. So this is what happened. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed again. Finally, I asked the Father if I could speak to Sarah, and He said yes, in lieu of me speaking for her, and she simply said…” I can speak for myself”. The following is her message to you.

Have you ever? I mean, have you ever? Have you ever longed for something? Not just longed but imagined. And not just imagined but tasted? Not just longed for it but reached out for it. Not just reached but had it so close that you still missed it. I mean, have you ever? Have you ever been a bridesmaid, but never a bride? Have you ever been an employee, but not the employer? Have you ever attended the baby shower, but it was not for your incoming joy? Have you ever? Have you ever attended the graduation, but it was not for your diploma? Have you ever received the diagnosis, but not yet the healing? Have you ever helped to start a business, but it was not your business plan? Have you ever started a weight loss journey, but after weeks of trying, only to yield zero results of weight loss? Have you ever?

Well my friend and sister, let me tell you, you’re in good company.

In a world where there was pre Viagra, pre KY Jelly, pre ovulation kit, pre IVF, pre everything and anything, there existed an equation of just myself, Abraham, and a promise from God. Scripture purely states in every bible version there is, that I myself was past childbearing years. The time had wound down into a downward spiral, the clock had ran out but the numbers had somehow seem to have faded off of the clock, and yes, let me reiterate and agree with the Scripture, that I was old. And, sometimes with age, come wisdom, but here is where I failed, yet soared.

You see, after I received the promise, hope arose in me. And hope tried to make me a believer, but I could not wait. It was I who looked at my worn body, it was I who looked at Abraham, it was I who looked around and invited Haggar, it was I who longed for now instead of waiting for later, it was I who doubted, it was I who looked at my age, it was I who was impatient, it was me, it was me all along. So let me impart some hindsight wisdom unto you, the one that God has also given a promise to.

My Sister, though within the equation given of me, Abraham, and the promise from God, the focus was never about me, nor Abraham. The focus was never on or about my worn body, the sperm count of Abraham, Haggar, Ishmael and my manufactured promise. And I dare say that the focus was not even on the promise. Don’t worry I missed it too. The focus is, was and will always be about the One who gave the promise!

Before the promise was issued, He knew my age. Before the promise was spoken he knew the condition of my body. He knew, and he knows it ALL. He knows right where you are, and the conditions of where you are, and he STILL gave you a promise. So before you throw in the towel, or manufacture your own- you and I can now say while looking at the circumstances surrounding us-

Will I now have this pleasure?

-With me coming up on age 30, 40, or 50 something, will I now have this pleasure

-Will I now be the bride?

-Will I now write the book?

-Will I now run the marathon?

-Will I now go back to college and graduate?

-Will I now get the dream job?

-Will I now have the baby?

-Will I now be the entrepreneur?

-Will I now birth this promise?

-Will I now be healed?

-Will I now have this pleasure

I believe in my mind that it was Jesus who said as well, will I now have this pleasure of stepping out from eternity and into time to save a dying world. It was Jesus who experienced the betrayal of one disciple, the denying of another disciple, and those who fell asleep on the job, and still he said to this world, will I now have this pleasure. Being taken to courtroom after courtroom, no crime being found, but still yet being convicted of crimes we committed, being beaten all night, spat upon and mocked by disbelieving soldiers, carrying a cross to a hill called Calvary, being nailed to a cross, hung between two sinners, dying a sinners death- blood running down his body-will he now have the pleasure of dying for you and for me.

Will you have this pleasure?

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