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The Quiet Place

Matthew 11:28 Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.

It had been happening for a while, but I ignored it. I felt the call of God to come away with Him, but of course like all good Warriors, I ignored it. I knew I needed a getaway, but something more intense. Though I love to travel, this was more than a day trip or weekend getaway. This was to be more intentional. It required more. More of me. More of my attention. More of my intension. More focus. More of my time. More of me making space. Just. More. So with just the notion of “more”, I set sail in search of what was to be my more. If you guessed that I found more, then you would be correct! Through prayer and talks with friends, I was guided to a place that can only be found down and around winding roads. A place intentionally off the beaten path, and a route I will travel many seasons to come in this life. A was guided to a place I did not know I needed. I was guided to a place that is affectionately and right fully called, The Quiet Place.

Upon my arrival, I was welcomed with outstretched hands and arms that I nearly collapsed into by a woman who goes by the name of Cecilia. Ms. Cecilia is not only the caretaker and owner of The Quiet Place, but she would also take care of me for the next 2.5 half days. She reached for my bags and showed me to my cabin and prayed for me, and provided me with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and let’s not forget the plethora of snacks- fruits, crackers, peanut butter, seltzer water, cereal, tea, coffee, apple cider, and anything else I could possibly think of. By the time Cecilia left me to my snack laden cabin to begin my retreat, I felt a heavy weight come upon me. I was tired but not tired. I soon realized that indeed I was not tired at all, I was in fact weary. I quickly learned that this Warrior was led to this quiet place to rest. It was no mistake that my cabin was located near a babbling brook. And so, this Warrior opened her cabin doors to hear the sound of the rushing water that called her to this place to rest. And so, this Warrior began to put down her swords, and stop fighting. All that had been shattered, was permitted to become whole again. The cuts and bruises I had endured over the past few years, the tears I cried, the letting go and the holding on. I could put it all down here. In this place. In this Quiet Place.

As the next few days arrived, I had begun to feel lighter. The weight of life was falling off. And falling away. Life is not as heavy as it was before I made my journey to this quiet place. The more I rested, the less the hurt felt; the tears I cried went from the size of a heavy down pour to summer rain drops. The more I rested the more I handed over. The more I could trust I that I was being taken care of, and not just by Ms. Cecilia. By the time, I had packed my bags to venture back down the winding roads of the mountain to head back to Charlotte, Ms. Cecilia asked if she could tell me something. I replied yes of course. She stated that she had a vision of me in purple being reborn. She prayed for me and stated that was excited about what was to come for me.

My fellow Warriors, spiritual rest is just as important as physical rest. Lay down all that troubles you. ALL. Enter your own quiet place. God already knows that you are tired and knows what is making you tired. REST. For he has commanded you, “Come to Me all who are burdened and heavy ladened.” REST.

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