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One Fine Day......

''One day at about three in the afternoon he had a vision. He distinctly saw an angel of God, who came to him and said, “Cornelius!” Acts 10:3

As I read this passage of Scripture over the last week or so, I initially was mesmerized. There seemed to be a heightened awareness of, in and around me that signaled that anything was possible, at any given time, any given place and any given moment, one day could be here, sooner than I gave it credit. There was a feeling of any day now. There was a knowing that enveloped and swallowed me up to fully believing without a doubt, any day now. My eyes were wider, I listened more attentively and intently, and doted on just about every word spoken to and around me with the belief that One Day, is near.

Well, the more my eyes and ears were piqued to sift out maximum ferocity of speech and sight, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart for me to go back and read and follow Cornelius more closely.

You see, in order for Cornelius’ One Day to occur, there were many days before or proceeded his One Day. Please allow me to explain,

1. Cornelius was a leader- both in his home and on his job. The word leader can be thrown around so carelessly, but here, in this pericope of Scripture, leadership is demonstrated. Cornelius was THE Man. He was the type of man that most women dreamed of and prayed for. He embodied the position of colonel on his job. There was no one higher than he was. Men waited on his command. He was the man the gave the orders instead of taking them. And let us not just stop on the job, because he brought that swagger home with him. He led in his own home. In other words, Cornelius was the BOSS.

2. The Bible states that God noticed Cornelius’ prayers and deeds. It was not Cornelius’ wife, nor children, nor the men he led that spoke for him. It was his character that caught God’s attention. It was his giving, and doing right by his neighbors that opened God’s nostrils. It was the example that he set precedence for at home and at work that caused God to shout his name. Cornelius was a leader.

3. Because Cornelius was able to lead properly in his work and home, he was more open to receiving the extraordinary happening in ONE DAY. On that one day in the afternoon, Cornelius had a vision. In that one vision, God him clarity and direction, with clarity and direction, Cornelius immediately acted.

And like Cornelius, Jesus did not just get on the cross One Day. There was acts of fasting, and praying, and doing the will of the Father that led to the One Day that gave us our One Day. It was one day that God allowed us to see our need for a Savior, it was one day that we began to pray earnestly and kept on praying, it was one day that the Father spoke or will speak a call on our lives that we will obey immediately. Before there can be one day, there must be days of praying and seeking the will of Father. And it is on that day, your one day arrives!!



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