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My Everything

In 2009, I lost my mother.

2 years, 2 months, and 2 days later, I lost my grandmother.

364 days later, I lost my aunt.

67 days later, I lost my grandfather.

4 years later, I lost my uncle.

Fast forward to 2013, I experienced the lost two of friends akin to that of Velcro-ripping away from you.

Fast forward again to 2017, I lost my job. I lost my home….and for a short while I wanted to lose my life. I slowly began a downward spiral, my mind started to war with itself and I temporarily lost it to overt severe depression.

I will say it again. I know loss. I am well acquainted with grief. She and I have a very intimate relationship. I know weeping. I know wailing. I KNOW the Father’s hand waking me up at 2:37am to tell me that I was crying too much in my sleep. I know of Ruth’s bitterness, and I am now sitting with Anna in the temple….and let me tell you, its not all bad……in fact, this temple is starting feel pretty good.

The weight of the loss is starting to lighten. Joy is just around the corner. I can feel her nearing. I can feel the kiss of the sun starting to melt the ice that was around my heart. Morning is coming. Maybe a little of it, is here already. What happened you ask? Well, I’m ecstatic that you asked the question. Lean in just a little more, because this, I need you to get…you see, as I was given an invitation to sit in the temple with Ruth and then Anna…my perspectives are starting to take on a form not its own. Let me explain. Everything lost is not actually a loss. There are some losses that are actually a gain. Though I may have lost in the physical world, I sowed and reaped in the spiritual., how so you asked….

Though lost my mother…. …I came to know the Father as mother to motherless

As I lost my grandmother and aunt…..I came to know the Father as the lifter of my head

Though I lost my grandfather, I then learned that He is the Gifter of wisdom

As I lost my uncle, I found Him to be my Protector

As lost my 2 sister friends, I learned that He is a Friend that sticks closer than a Brother and Sister

As I lost my job, my savings and home, I’ve found Him to be Provider and Shelter

As my mind tried to unravel, and war against itself…I found HIM to be a Mind Regulator.

Ladies, what I am trying to say is that I have found HIM to be my Resting Place, my Hiding Spot, the Good Shepard, the drier of all my tears- putting them in a bottle and saving them as blessings-How Good can one MAN be to me!! He is my Rock, Sword, Shield, My Master and MY KING…He is my EVERYTHING!!

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