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The Unlikely Warrior - Part 1


Judges 4:17-19

There is a tale that has been told that reaches far beyond the West African borders of Benin. This is a story that tells and retells of that of the Dahomey Warriors. This is a story that is told of a king that initially selected women from his tribe as his third class of wives; however, these women would not become wives of the king. Instead, they trained and became warriors! Not only were they warriors, they were known throughout the immediate region and far beyond its borders as Black Sparta. In times of war the men and children of the village were sent away to safety, while the Warriors took their rightful place to protect what they knew to belong to them.

The French Colony soldiers were met with a fierce battle that encountered women who held blades so sharp, it was said to cut a man in half. Women so strong, they were able to hunt and kill elephants for sport. The Colony did not see the Warriors coming. And just as the Colony did not see Warriors, Sisera did not see Jael.

Sisera saw obscurity. Sisera saw a quiet place. Sisera saw a place to get comfortable. Sisera saw a place of rest when he could have seen a place of his greatest battle. Sisera saw Jael, but could not see Jael. He saw weakness, when he should of seen strength. Sisera was unable to see what was hidden in plain sight. He was unable to see the tools and resources laid before him in her. In other words, he saw silver when he should have seen gold. He saw food when he should of nourishment. He saw a possible headache, when he could have seen Aleve. Again, he saw Jael, but could see Jael. He could not see the gifts God had given her. He could not see the nights she had prayed. He could not see the strategies God had given her to birth. Sisera could not see Jael’s “YES” to God. And because she was gifted with hiddenness & obscurity, she could move different. She could walk different. Jael could talk different. All because no one saw her coming.

No one saw Jesus coming either. The people expected a warrior to overthrow the Roman government and yet they got a baby boy born in a manger by a virgin girl. They expected a strong king and yet they got a servant. They expected a movement yet he was a walking, talking, moving, breathing revolution all by himself. At a mere 13 years old he spoke plainly, properly, with authority and clarity “I must be about my father’s business”. Who expects that?! No expected to him to be beaten all night. No one expected him to be hung on a cross. No one expected him to STAY on the cross. No one expected him to invite a thief into paradise with him while they were both on the cross dying a sinner’s death.

Your friends, family, colleagues, and others around may not see you, but God does. He sees the unlikely warrior you are to become. He sees the gifts he has placed in you. He sees the plans He has for you. He sees the love that He has for you. He sees you and He sees it ALL. What is hidden from man, is in full view to God.

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