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Lose to Win

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

It was the Psalmist by the name of Fantasia Barrino who sung the words “Sometimes you have to lose to win again” to the aptly named song entitled “Lose to Win”. The lyrics speaks of someone in a relationship that had come undone. It speaks of wanting to hold on to something that is destroying you- to be entangled with toxicity to the point that you worry, you cry, you lose sleep all under the guise of keeping someone that is your ultimate losing hand.

I recently made a trip to my hometown of Hollywood, South Carolina. While there, my younger cousin Taylor anxiously and with excitement asked me to play a game of UNO (my favorite game). I was immediately hesitant. Here’s the thing, the family knows Taylor does not take losing well. At the ripe old age of eleven, there are true stories of her flipping the Monopoly gameboard over, some bruises and scuff marks on other persons due to racing, sarcasm, and pouting, and a tear or three. She is hard pressed to find someone to play games with her. However, in my family we have a rule, if you sit down to play a game, you are no longer a cute kid, you are a regular player. You are not given anything. Reluctantly I said yes.

Let’s just say, I clutched my pearls. Long story short, I won games 1 & 4, while she won games 2 & 3. When she lost games 1 & 4, she could barely maintain her composure. In fact, Taylor gently placed her cards on the table, and started pacing back and forth. On a typical day, there would be pouting, and most definitely a rematch to break the tie. Not so this time. Eventually she walked in the room and started repeating “I am a child of God”. I may have won games 1 & 4, but it was Taylor that won the game!

You see, what you see as a lost, can actually be a win; you just need to reframe how and what you see.

That relationship that almost destroyed you, taught you that the Father was a heart mender, and the drier of your tears. You also learned that He will stick closer than a brother or a sister. You learned the He is the one who dries all of your tears.

When you lost your job, you learned that He is Jehovah Jireh. You never lost weight, in fact you gained weight.

Allow me to impress upon you that what the world views as a loss, is actually a gain. Warrior Woman, regardless of what things look like, whatever you are going through, just remember that we win!

Jesus goes from kangaroo court to court, loss

Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate, loss.

Jesus hung between two criminals, loss.

Jesus with nails in his hands and in his feet, loss.

Mary losing her 1st born son and child, loss.

Jesus not coming down from the cross to save himself, loss.

The enemy almost celebrated.

Now let’s reframe this.

Power stands before what is perceived power, win.

The blood of Jesus streaming down to save you and me, WIN!

Jesus declares that a thief will be in paradise with Him that day, win.

From the cross, Mary gains a son, win.

Jesus staying on the cross to save you and me, WIN.

What looks like a loss initially most times is actually a win! Reframe what you are looking at

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