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Count'em Up

While listening to one of my favorites songs entitled “Million Little Miracles” by Elevation Worship, and then being quickly preceded by “I’m looking for a Miracle” by the Clark Sisters…my mind began to wander, and 2 things happened- 1, I realized that I was not looking nor had been looking for a miracle, and 2 God quickly responded by saying “Why look for what you already are”-

You see one year ago today, my doctor called me to tell me that it was official. My recommended surgery had been approved. Not only was my surgery approved, it was scheduled for the 18th- seven days away with an estimated 8 weeks of recovery time. Preparation and planning went into overdrive (time away from work, my circle of care, making sure I could get around by myself -that’s a whole other story, and having things to do while I recover). My mind raced with the many things that I did not have time to do or organize. Not only was I planning a surgery & recovery, I had to travel for work that same week that I was to prepare. For every concern I had, God had a solution already set up; so, I decided to count them-

1. Though I had a little over 80 hours in PTO waiting for vacation-God allowed my manager to allow me to use the 80 hours and then “work from home” on small projects that she never checked in on me with..

2. All those bills I worried about not paying…were paid as usual. Nothing lacked, In other words, I still had pay coming in. I never missed a billed.

3. I was prepared to drive myself to and from the hospital before and after surgery. The introvert in me thought I did not have people who cared about me-that proved false! My sister friend Crystal took me to the hospital, stayed with me until after the surgery, gave reports to my family and close friends. My sister Friend Felicia picked me up from the hospital-complete with flowers and balloons. My Butterflies in the Spirit prayer group sent me flowers to show their care and love. Mrs Shirley from the Women Ministry Team took me to my check up appointments, and grocery shopping. My girlfriend from work gave me a Door Dash gift card. My Bible Study Group told me “Don’t get eaten by a Bear”. And so many others that called, texted, FaceTime, and emailed.

4. Thanks to my surgery, my Oncologist cleared me for no more blood transfusions, or iron infusions.

5. Though I had a couple of setbacks, I recovered!

6. I now have the pleasure of redefining family!

7. God is Great and greatly to be praised!

8. He kept my mind when I wanted to lose it

9. He has held on to me when I wanted to let go HIM!

10. He just keeps on getting better…..The days are getting sweeter

11. God is healing my dad

12. He is taking care of my son & brother

13. Once you keep counting, you will come to understand that you are a walking, talking, breathing miracle, so keep counting…

14. Can you name 2 things God has done, and put a praise on it?!

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