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Broken Crayons Still Color

Green. Apple. Lemonade. Banana Berry. Yellow. Orange. Ice. Red. Pink. Silver. Tan. White. Gold. Neutral. Purple. Brown. Blue. Blueberry. Black. Neon Carrot. Violet. Teal. Blush. Cotton Candy. Cerise. Navy Blue….and the all so unforgettable Magenta. On this day, we the box of Crayola Crayons elect thee Ms. Magenta to speak for us.

Well hi, on behalf of all crayons everywhere, we have a message for you,

We can be found in many a kindergarten classrooms. Restaurants. Doctor’s office. Homes. Toy boxes. We bring life to life. We give birth to imaginations and dreams. We help you to see the possible in the impossible. To pick up a crayon, is the very birth of life itself. We help you to give birth to the most beautiful parts of your imaginations. Dreams begin when we step in. When you pick up a crayon, you breath different. Your body relaxes. Visions are summoned. Your mind is tapped. Creativity beckons. Clarity steps in. And the world around you begins to obey what you’ve been telling it all this time….be quiet.

With all of our power, and purpose, things still go wrong in our world. Kids fight over us. They pull us apart. They remove our wrapping, the very thing that identifies us. Though we appear tough, we can be quite the fragile one depending on the weather around us. When too much pressure is applied, we become broken. And when we become broken, things are never quite the same. The world around us shifts. Once broken, the person using us tosses us to the side as if we have no history. As if my purpose has been extinguished. Once broken, we are tossed aside and into a bucket along with countless other broken crayons. Have you ever been tossed aside? Felt a pain so deeply cutting, your very thought was that you would not survived? Or maybe you didn’t want to survive it? Experience a grief so deep that you wanted to bury yourself? Had something to happen that you thought stripped you of your identity? Something that made you question your worth, and value. Your very purpose is in question- all because someone happened to you. Their response to the world around them, broke you…..Or maybe you broke you..a bad decision here, a left turn there…and bam! Brokenness……. May I encourage you….may we encourage you

Even in your brokenness, your still have purpose. In fact, your purpose has not changed. Your purpose is now more solid than ever. Can’t see it, let Magenta help you. That one crayon that was meant for use by one person, can now be shared to allowed more dreams to come to fruition. Those sharp edges that came about due to the brokenness, over time becomes softer, more adaptable to the pressures of life… delicate but still yet maintaining its purpose. So as you walk around in your world today, first take a very hard look in the mirror……and speak these words……BROKEN CRAYONS STILL COLOR…until next time…Magenta signing out... for now

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