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I'm Meleakia

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Warrior of Women

My Life Passion


The mission of this blog and its guest bloggers is to show in our writing that Jesus Christ IS real. Not was, but IS real, and that he invites us of every waking moment into a real relationship with Him. My passion is to convey that He is a relational God that seeks to have a real, authentic, and transparent relationship with you every waking moment ( yep! I repeated it) of our lives. You are never too high, too low, too hurt, too broken, too shattered, too educated, too uneducated, too weird, discarded, ruined, unloved, unseen, too obscure, too dirty, and too clean to be LOVED by Him…because my sister and friend, for me to say to you that He wants it all, would be a grandiose understatement! Yes, He wants you to tell Him who and what made you cry, He wants you to tell him who stopped you when you started out with so much zest, He wants you to tell Him where you buried the dreams you gave up on, He wants to dream again, and most important of all my Friend, He wants it ALL! All meaning YOU!!! He desires to love you to full abundant life….so join me fellow Warrior as we join this fight for not just ourselves, but for others to know that He is REAL…

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